What Happens Without God?

I was recently reminded of how we are moral people, and we either choose our morality to be based on God, or based on our own or popular thinking.  Someone who I know has been saturated with Christianity her whole life is now rejecting it.  She can’t argue that there is anything wrong or untrue in Scripture, but she is nonetheless hostile to what it says.


One thing we dare not do when considering the truth of Christianity, but yet we all tend to do it:  inject our own emotions into it.  Something isn’t made true or false just because we want it to be either.  We may really want to be able to fly, but the results of jumping off a tall building will be the same regardless.  Truth just sits there and lets us judge it, but if we judge incorrectly because of our own emotions, truth is unchanged and unaffected.  If there is a collision between us and the truth, at some point the truth wins and we lose the battle.


As you consider whether Scripture is truth, please make sure that you are not injecting your own desires into the consideration.  The stakes are too high, and if you reject God, He is unchanged and you are the loser.  You may think God is there to “ruin your party” and you don’t want that, so you turn away from Him.  You realize that following Christ means you turn away from things you think you must have, or ways of life you think you can’t give up, so instead you reject Him.  You haven’t won anything if you do that!


It is a great frustration of an evangelist to talk to someone, have all the arguments cleared, and yet that person won’t follow Christ.  If you find yourself throwing up every argument possible, getting reasonable answers, and just getting a whole new batch of arguments, maybe that is happening to you.  If you don’t want to accept God’s “rules”, and just want to live your life “free”, that’s understandable.  Then the thing to do is examine what you think God is going to mess up for you, and see if you really have a problem with Him in your life.


In another article I’ll try to explain why God isn’t going to “ruin your party”.  If you did accept Christ later down the road, and could somehow talk with your “future self”, you’d be amazed at how those objections fell away and you are really happier God’s way.  But that may take some convincing.  Please don’t reject the evidence for God’s truth though for the wrong reasons — truth won’t be hurt, only you.


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