The Great Orchestrator (Part One — Politics)

Whenever I see many highly unusual and unlikely events occurring, my radar goes up — is this divine intervention?  My radar went wild with the last election cycle.


Let’s look back:  with the eighth year of the Obama presidency closing, we hit some major “tipping points” — points at which, if we continued much further, would damage or destroy this nation.  Obamacare (one-sixth of the total economy is healthcare) getting so expensive and with such limited care that it is falling apart, an almost $20 trillion debt (that’s $20,000 billion, or $20,000,000 million, if that helps put it into perspective), the relentless growth of a terror organization that didn’t even exist until we opened the way for its development with an accompanying refugee crisis, and a level of governmental corruption so massive that (as we see from Wiki Leaks) has grown almost “too big to fail”, where those in power were systematically killing ways that they could ever lose the power they had grabbed — these factors have almost reached the point of no return.  Throw in the Supreme Court, which appeared almost balanced a year ago (balanced in that it drew almost equal fire from the right and the left), will only return to that balance if a highly conservative judge is appointed, and wee see that almost everything that shapes this nation was at stake in this election.


The United States has had a number of such events in its history:  its founding in the first place, where it was basically outnumbered and outgunned by England; the civil war that were it not for amazing leadership and fortune would have split the nation; and World War II, which we were losing until the Battle of Midway and where we developed the nuclear bomb ahead of the Germans (ironically with the help of a defected German scientist).  These were the most dramatic, but there were many other smaller yet miraculous events in our history.  When such events occur, do they mean just good luck, or is God working in such a way to make them happen?


Now let’s consider this election.  The election itself was remarkable:  the right states came together to give Trump the electoral majority he needed.  He had a crazy goal to reach, and the polls said there was virtually no way it would happen.  He needed some states that were generally Democratic strongholds, such as PA and WI.  Trump even at his age was able to keep a frantic pace going right through the last day.  But even wilder were the Wiki Leaks revelations and the FBI on-again off-again responses — the FBI moves repeatedly broke FBI tradition and protocol.  All of the “tipping points” mentioned above were hitting a climax around the election.  And Trump won, against all odds.


It remains to be seen if the Trump presidency really brings the nation back from the brink.  But considering the events leading up to the election, I have to wonder if this was God’s amazing work in the extremely complex events that made this election’s results possible is the real explanation.



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