The Danger in Assumptions

Evolutionists continually point to “transitional forms”.  There are presumed transitional fish/mammals, land/birds, and even predecessors of humans.  The transitional forms pointed to in the fossil record have aspects of both species that they bridge in the assumed evolutionary process.  And those transitional forms aren’t alive now.  So the assumption is that the evolutionary process continued past that intermediate form as time progressed.


We look around and see a remarkable variation in life today.  If God did create the life forms, He obviously likes variety.  He has formed species with about every type of limbs imaginable — fins, paws, hand, wings.  These limbs give the creature mobility.


There is a supposed transitional form in the fossil record that appears to be part fish and part mammal, with limbs that work in the in-between world near the sea.  Since they have aspects of both land and see creatures, they are thought to have bridged between.  Now, what if these were simply another variety that God created for the environment at the time?  Such as the dinosaurs.  The species are extinct, but at the time they existed they had a rational place in the world at that time.


It makes just as much sense for these “transitional” creatures to have just been other species that didn’t survive over time as it is to assume that evolution stepped them into the new creature.  For evolution to drive a creature towards becoming a different sort of creature in stages sounds very much like a planned, engineered process with a goal in mind, rather than a random set of processes which has no plan or goal.   But if God created all sorts of varieties for His pleasure, any species was an end unto itself.


Assumptions drive us off the tracks when trying to pursue truth, unless we are willing to challenge them when they don’t quite fit the evidence.  The fossil record shows many “transitional forms” to have existed at the wrong time to be part of a progression.  But to consider that they may be direct creations doesn’t fit the evolutionary narrative.


Be careful of assumptions!  They are subtle, but not necessarily correct.

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