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Reasons4faith just launched April 21, 2015. See “About Us” for purpose and vision.


Please use the “Contact Us” option to ask any question or to contribute an article. Or post a question using the “leave a comment” hotlink above an article. Comment on any existing blog to get a discussion going. The site is here to help you get past any roadblock to faith, to quench nagging doubts, or to just know the firm scientific, historical, and reasonable foundations of the Christian faith.

Discussions are developing on the “Open Questions” page.  Feel free to use that page to bring up points, disagreement, or ideas that you want to share with others.

New posts will appear on this page, and older items will be moved to separate pages. Use the “Current Articles” link above to see all articles by title.

If anyone would like to help write or research articles here, please let me know via a Comment or “Contact Us”.