Secular Excellence

Recently, the church I attend (Willow Creek Community Church) held a “Global Leadership Summit”.  This was televised at a huge number of locations all over the world and included many famous people, including the co-founder of PIXAR.  Many non-Christians were there.  It was a huge splash in the secular world (check out “GLSNext” app if you want to see what it was all about.)

Here’s the thing:  Christians should be at the top of the class, so to speak, in many areas outside of religion.  In fact, they are armed with a major body of wisdom from Scripture that the rest of the world often knows little about.  Take that wisdom into any secular arena, and look how it puts a whole different spin on the subject.  You might look up some of the GLS events to see what I’m talking about.


If Scripture is really God’s inspired word, then it makes sense that what He said would be excellent.  There is so much wisdom there which the rest of the world has a tendency to reject out of hand, because it came from the Bible.  Such a shame!  They really throw the baby out with the bath water (old expression) in the process.


If you are one who ignores Scripture because it is “religious”, check out Proverbs and Jesus’s sermon on the mount for starters.  You’ll be amazed, and may even realize this sort of wisdom doesn’t just pop out of a bunch of random authors.  This screams to me, like so many aspects of Christianity, that God really did speak to us in the Bible.

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