Rush Limbaugh’s Dad’s Reason For Faith

Here is a surprising story from an unexpected source:  Rush Limbaugh tells the story of his Dad trying to explain why he believed in Christianity to his young son.  He had to put it in very simple terms, so rather than giving a bunch of complex reasons, he just noted that we all have an ability to imagine a wonderful existence with a loving God in eternity.  Since we have that ability, he considered it would be extremely cruel for our creator to have planted that desire within us, only to have it be unattainable. 


Imagination is one of our most remarkable assets.  Along with our ability to love beyond our own self interests, to think rationally to such an extent that we can figure out how many things in the universe actually work, and our desire for justice, imagination is a great wonder that points to a magnificent creator.  And we can imagine things that we’ve never seen and long for them.  Would our creator give us such ability and longing, only to dash those dreams against the rocks? 


There are many “soft” arguments for God that when, considered together, add up to some pretty hard evidence.  The evidence for a designer is all around us, and if we look deeper, so is the evidence of a God who looks very much like the one Jesus portrays.

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