Reasons to Believe Meeting

Hugh Ross has an organization called “Reasons to Believe (RTB)”.  This is a worldwide organization, but they have a local Chicago chapter that meets in “Ginger Creek” church in Aurora.  Here are the details:

 Note:  this meeting is past, but on the first Saturday of each month this group meets — except for July and August, sorry! 

Oh no! “Evolution under the Microscope” – the newest DVD from RTB – is already out of stock. But Chicago has it! And we will be watching portions of it this Saturday.

The Big Picture of evolution, the traditional arguments taught in high school or college biology classes can seem to be intimidating. Dr. Fazale Rana responds to these arguments or ideas from a Creation Model perspective. Join us this Saturday for this special presentation.

Date          Saturday, June 6

Time         9:00 – 10:30 AM

Where      Ginger Creek Community Church                   2850 Ginger Woods Parkway, Aurora, IL 60502

Room        City of Life, Room 223

Map          Click here for a map to Ginger Creek Community Church

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