Moral Necessity

When we hear of atrocities, such as ISIS beheading people or Planned Parenthood admitting to harvesting aborted baby body parts for cash, part of us screams out for justice in the world.  We hear Darwinism yelling that we are all a fortuitous accident, and that the real justice of existence is the survival of the fittest.  In other words, the humanists don’t have an answer to the need for justice.


While it is not a “proof”, the argument that justice must exist and the scales must be righted eventually is a strong argument for Christianity.  It could be said that it argues for a few religions, and I leave the evidence that only Christianity really answers the argument fully for other articles.  The main point is:  we have within us a great need to see justice in the world, as though it were designed into us somehow.

Just like the need we feel for life to continue, and not end in a hundred or less years, so we feel the need for justice.  And in this life we are frustrated.  If the Darwinists are right, such a need is folly and a bizarre twist of nature:  we should just live to survive, thrive, and to best others.  Yet somehow we care about things way beyond what nature would instill in us.


Scripture explains that we actually live in a very moral universe.  Morality is way above comfort and survival.  It is the foundation of eternity.  Our internal need for it was placed there quite intentionally, because we are made in God’s image.  We care about it specifically because of that imprint; otherwise we would only care about today and give little concern to justice and morality.

But we do care about justice.  And for that to make any sense, it has to have come from somewhere.  While this is “soft” evidence for God’s existence, and more specifically Christ’s answer to sin, it is powerful evidence.


And here’s something else to consider.  We are seeing, especially these days, a move away from concern about justice and morality just as we are seeing many turn away from Christianity.  There is a direct link.  We have populist movements like global warming and abuse of police power that fan emotions, but stories like the harvesting of aborted babies for live organs, or huge numbers of Christians being killed and tortured across the globe, have less impact.  That follows the “god” we worship — as that “god” becomes populist, humanistic causes, we lose our bearings on what is really important and become wide open to what the news tells us we should worry about.  Yet, when we pause and step away from the news cycle, tweets, and other popular inputs, and re-focus on Scripture, we see things very differently.  God has given us the guidebook and the ultimate answer to morality and justice.  If we turn our attention there, not only will we understand what is truly important, but we will be satisfied in knowing that the pseudo-morality of this world will eventually dry up and blow away like dust.  God has eternity planned, and it is a perfect, reasonable, and wonderful moral existence He has in mind.


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