How Science Supports Genesis

Hugh Ross has done extensive work on this topic. Please check out his website and specific information on Genesis:

Reasons to Believe — Navigating Genesis

I will give you a little taste of his detailed breakdown of Genesis, and how it not only fits with what science has discovered, but also predicts effectively what is has recently discovered and will likely soon discover. Consider God’s Spirit “hovering over the waters”. Now, put yourself in God’s place. When we consider Genesis, we have a tendency to think of a view from outer space. But that’s not how Genesis presents the frame of reference. Now, we figure that the stars were created before the Earth, right? Sure, that is the obvious conclusion of science. Well, that same science will tell you that the early Earth was first shrouded in volcanic ash all throughout the atmosphere, and the sun’s light would not pierce that deep cover, until it settled and cleared.

God then said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. This is exactly the way events should have happened. The ash settles, and the light makes it through to the surface of the earth, which is God’s viewpoint we just established. This fits. And so do later events in Genesis, when viewed very carefully just as Scripture lays them out.

We get into more trouble by reading into Scripture what we think it must mean. It is really difficult to read Scripture totally accurately; yet, that is what gives us consistent, faith-building harmony with what science has revealed.


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