Design or Incredible Luck?

I am a techie. I have build simple circuit boards, written software, and put together computers. If you go out to the beach and see a laptop computer sitting there, you would wonder who lost it, not whether ocean waves had a really constructive day and put together a computer. You would know that there was a designer behind that computer and not think that Nature was even slightly able to design and build such a complex device. Yet, will you tell me that Nature can design even one single cell, which is much more complex than that laptop PC? And then you would tell me that it went through all the steps to build people?

If Nature built us, it would be like it created an entire city of connected computers. As you know, even such a city would be less complex than our human bodies. Just how much luck would it take to create a single cell by random events? Those who have tried to put a number to the chances say that the odds are much greater than the projected number of stars in the entire universe. And then projecting out to the chances of randomly getting to a human? Statistically zero. It is an unreasonable assumption that blind forces would get that far no matter how many perfect rolls of the dice it got.

We are designed every bit as much as the laptop PC. Since we are capable of designing the computer, it is no stretch to assume that we are much more complex than the computer.

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