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I’ll Always Have Doubts, So How Do I Really Know What Is True?

Have you ever played “devil’s advocate”? You take the other side of the argument to the max and see what happens. Try that with the doubts that are plaguing you. I think you will find that, while doubts are good at causing trouble, they are lousy at building a real alternative.

Take the most prevalent trouble-making argument out there: evolution. Sure, you can compare simpler life to complex life, find similarities, and suggest that the simpler became the complex. It seems simple enough. However, when you actually consider what it takes for a worm to become a butterfly, you realize that nature would have had to take major trips down blind alleys that would have destroyed the evolving intermediate forms before ever coming up with a design that would allow the transition to a butterfly. The caterpillar goes through a destroy and rebuild process that only a designer with a long-range view of the blueprint could have ever brought into existence. Nature would begin the destruction process and produced a lot of dead caterpillars, without ever blindly figuring out how to create the rebuild process. The leap is much too great. Continue reading I’ll Always Have Doubts, So How Do I Really Know What Is True?